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Daily report on water regime

Current situation and forecast for the next six days:

On the Hungarian section of the Danube water levels are increasing to Gönyű, decreasing downstream. Very low values are valid to Baja, low stages are measured downstream.

On the Hungarian section of river Tisza water levels are decreasing to Tiszaroff, and downstream of Csongrád, and increasing between Tiszabő and Tiszaug. On the free flowing sections (upstream of Záhony and from Kisköre to Csongrád) very low values are valid to Tivadar, low values to Dombrád, medium range stages are measured at Tiszabercel, high levels are observed elsewhere. On the section downstream of Záhony, water regime may be influenced by operation of hydropower plants.

Based on calculations for Hungarian stations included in the HHFS forecast system, in the next six days exceedance of the first flood alert level is expected on river Tisza and Bodrog.

Hungarian Hydrological Forecasting Service
01.02.2023 10:43